Controlled Quality (ISO 9001 certified)

Ellehammer developers use state-of-the-art testing facilities to ensure all products meet the highest industry durability standards.
From handles to wheels every detail is run through these rigorous tests. The test results guide our developers to engineer the
most enduring of features for use in our collections.

Our products are made at BSCI approved facilities complying
with International Labour Organization standards.

drop testThe bags are dropped from 100 cm. height with up to 23 kg of load for 26 times on each side and corner to ensure durable wheels, corners, gliders and handles.

Mileage testAll two wheeled trolleys are tested to run 32 km and spinners to 16 km through bumps with up to 27 kg of load to ensure the durability of our wheels.

Tumble testThe bags are put through 50 cycles in a large scale rotation tumbler with up to 20 kg of load.

Zipper testThe zippers are put through 2000 reciprocating slides to ensure the strength of the zipper.

jerk testThe backpack straps, trolleys and carry handles are tested to withstand up to 3500 jerks.

abrasion testThrough 800-1000 abrasive rotations each fabric is tested for colorfastness and endurance.

temperature testThe components are tested to ensure they are resistant to extreme high and low temperatures.

water spray testBy water spaying we ensure the fabrics are water repellant.

tear strength testTo ensure the strength of the fabrics they are all tested to withstand 15 newton.

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